After over 20 years in earthmoving and construction, in 2013 Laino Excavations branched out into the Piling & Foundation Drilling Sector.  Now rebranded as Laino Piling & Rock Drilling we have since developed a solid reputation for providing our core business of exceptional drilling services in Victoria.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of working on a diverse portfolio of drilling projects in the development and maintenance of infrastructure in all market sectors. Through these experiences, we have garnered first-hand knowledge of the subsurface ground conditions that exist across Melbourne and regional Victoria and the implications of these conditions in delivering cost-effective foundation drilling.



At Laino Piling & Rock Drilling we provide a range of drilling services to all market sectors in the development and maintenance of civil, commercial, and residential infrastructure, and we are committed to be the best at what we do. To that end, our guiding principles outline how we work and represent the values by which we abide. These are the cornerstones of our business culture:


  • We are specialists in our field backed by years of experience, knowledge of equipment, and of geological conditions to provide the most reliable service to execute your project.

  • We conduct a regular in-house service and maintenance schedule to ensure ongoing safety and efficiency.

  • We boast an excellent safety record and hold up-to-date risk assessments and tickets, and all equipment and staff are fully insured.


  • Our company is structured with the flexibility to scale up or scale down to suit the nature of each project and our equipment provides a myriad of functions to do so.

  • We own and operate multi-operational machinery that can perform numerous functions to reduce downtime and increase return on investment.


  • We are equipped to drill holes in rock from low MPa such as sandstone to high MPa such as basalt, bluestone and ironstone.

  • We have the capability to construct bored piles from 200mm to 1800mm diameter to depths of up to 8m in most types of strata.


  • Our excavators are more lightweight, compact and manoeuvrable compared to larger rigs, making them an excellent solution for low headroom and tight access situations restricted by existing structures and overhead utilities such as powerlines and trees.

  • Our excavators have a larger range of motion. Our reach enables us to access locations other mast mounted rigs cannot.


  • Our priority in every job is to select the most suitable drilling package for the confronted geological conditions which will generate the most superior rate of penetration to improve the customers return on investment.


  • Our equipment is custom designed and manufactured to ensure optimum performance and durability for successful outcomes in even the most aggressive drilling conditions.

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